The Family Posing Series

Welcome to our family… our family of portrait photographers!

Award-winning family portrait photographer and Canon Explorer of Light, Michele Celentano has created a video series to launch your family portraiture to new heights. This extensive 13-course series focuses on posing and photographing families – in small groups of 2 all the way to large groups of 12 or more! Learn to take control of your sessions as you master Michele’s methods of shaping groups, working with people of all ages and sizes, using props, perfecting sitting poses, standing poses, shooting on-location, in the studio and everything in between.

Family is forever – and once you apply Michele’s principles to your family portraiture, your business will never be the same. Start your journey towards implementing the most lucrative genre of photography into your folio, and start creating priceless portraits for your clients that will outlive them for generations to come.

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